Training on How to Stop a Puppy from Biting

Dog enthusiast will often encounter situations that are tough when owning dogs, especially when they are at the puppy stage. This article provides the information needed to deal with the issue of puppy biting. Puppy biting often starts at the onset of playing with your puppy and without your realization quickly forms into a habit. Bite training puppies can however be done in a nice way.

When puppies are young they are teething and this is a natural part of their development. They will in this phase bite almost anything including your skin and human parts such as fingers and toes. At this stage they are curious about their environment and will need to learn acceptable and unacceptable actions. This can be a tedious task to go through but is a needed part of the “how to stop puppy biting” process.

How to stop puppy biting? This is one habit that you want to get rid off as early as possible. This will make future dog training easier and less problematic. The plus side is that puppy biting can be stopped by training and this is easily accomplished.

At the puppy stage most puppies bite but in order to correct this behaviour the puppy must see that its owner is serious and stern about correcting this bad habit, no matter which method of dog training is used.

Correcting the problem of puppy biting is often done with the favorite technique used by many trainers known as guilt therapy. This is where the puppy is made to believe that they are causing pain when they bite a human. This builds on the natural behaviour of puppies where when they play together they engage in biting but this stops once a yelp of pain is heard. Humans can take advance of this natural learning and make the puppy believe – with some good acting – that they have caused pain. Coupling this with the withdrawal of affection and play for a short time will fast teach the puppy that biting is not acceptable.

Puppy biting? How to stop it? One key part is early detection of the issue. It is easier to stop this negative behaviour when the puppy is young.

A method used to get a puppy to stop biting is changes of attention of the puppy from biting the human to biting an inanimate object such as a bone or chew toy. This is done by using a vocalization such as the word stop and replacing, for example, a hand with the object. If the puppy is still in the infant stage this may be all that is required to end the habit.

Puppy training, not to bit skills included in this guide are some of the methods that you can learn to use and implement at once, to stop puppy biting. We hope that they benefited you a lot.

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