Wholesale Pet Supplies

You care about your family and their health, so it’s great that you found this site so you can care for your pet’s eyes also.Always remember to put your pet’s sunglasses on whenever you are wearing yours.  You know that it’s not good for them.  So if you think about it, your dog should also be wearing sunglasses for pets.  He has eyes too that should be protected just like yours.  Most dogs at first will probably keep pawing at them.  It’s not that they annoy him, it’s just something new to him and with time, he will accept them.  And, I know that you love your dog.

I have a Scottie and she wears her sunglasses when we are outdoors.  When we go to the park, the kids all love to see her with them on.Adults are always asking if she keeps the sunglasses on for the time she is outside.Wearing sunglasses while kids are outside is becoming fashionable and good that parents are caring for the eyes of them.  We had all just never thought about how much the bright sun damages your eyes without a good pair of sunglasses on to protect them.

While sitting at the pet-park one day, I started to notice that most of the animals had doggles on, so my dog needed them too.  I talked to his daddy about where he bought them to fit so well.  He gave me this terrific online site that he bought his dog’s sunglasses.Follow the link for unparalled sunglasses for pets before buying somewhere else.  When you get to my site, just go to the search button at the top in the middle and put in the search box “sunglasses”.Finding a pair of sunglasses for you and your pet can be found there.  Make sure you click on the “Doggles” button.  They are a brand of sunglasses, top of the line, but a little bit expensive.Whatever you do while out of the house, choosing Doogles will always be right for your pet and whatever activity you choose.

Maybe you and your dog go boating on the weekends.Protection should always be the first thing that you think of for your pet, so make sure he has his lifevest and sunglasses on.  Since they come in a variety of colors and sizes, I hope you would also consider having him wear them.  I have a pink pair of “Doggles” for Kisa with the hot pink lenses.  Since she is a Scottish terrier, she wears the medium size.  And with her black coat, the pink are great looking on her.During warmer months, we are on the water so much of the time.

During the winter time when we have a lot of snow, she wears them outside when we are sledding with the kids down the hills in our neighborhood.  A couple of other neighbors have gotten their dogs some, but one got the black with the smoke lenses.Tippy is a french poodle that is the standard breed and the large size doggles are a great fit. The other dog, Shadow, is an older Labrador and she wears the large sunglasses, but they got the blue with the blue lenses for her.  You’ll be able to see all that is available, including the interchangeable lenses when you go to my site to look at them.

I hope this has helped for you and your dog’s needs and why sunglasses for pets are so important.  Thank you for stopping by.You will be amazed at the pet supplies that you can get online.  Now go play fetch outside with your most trusted friend and have some fun!